Slack bot on drugs - if Lua were drugs.
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This is a Slack bot on drugs. If lua were drugs, I mean.

README is sorta bare right now, as this project is being massaged out of a project at work.

Lua Services and Scripts

Lua is a pretty simple language. The VM implementation is based on Lua 5.1, even though there’s like a 5.3 now.

There are a few globals available to all scripts:

* hombre
* conf
* luaWorkingDir

And a few modules:

* re (regex)
* http
* json

About “Services”

The “service” scripts are initialized when hombre starts up. These receive a go channel that accepts messages from Slack (msgch).

At this point, it’s time to stop any further execution, hence the standard loop:

local exit = false
while not exit do
    local msg, ok = msgch:receive()

    if not ok then
        exit = true
        -- do stuff with msg

If an error is encountered during service execution, the lua VM will cause a panic in the hombre “host”, requiring a restart.

About “Scripts”

One-off scripts are run on-demand when a !command matches what is configured in config.json. These scripts receive a single global msg variable.

Once the script is done, the VM is closed.

A quick way to get the “arguments” to a command is like so:

local cmd = "!hey "
local query = string.sub(msg.Text, #cmd) -- msg = global